Patients Give Thanks, As Do We

Thanksgiving is a special time of year for all of us as we get to take a break from our Untitled design (4)busy schedules to share gratitude with those we are close to. Yet, at NuEar we thrive off of thankfulness all year long. Very often do we hear about the notes of praise from happy patients using our hearing aid technology and their appreciation for gaining better hearing. In turn, this inspires all of us to work harder and create better hearing outcomes for more in need.

As you can see in the photos included, numerous patients and new hearing aid technology users are eager to share their unique hearing success stories. There is nothing that our engineers and support staff are more thankful for than receiving these patient stories. It not only helps make the work more meaningful to know how much of an impact is being made with real individuals everyday but also helps drive our passion to improve the technology for better performance in the future.

With holidays and family gatherings coming up make sure you or a loved one are not missing out on the many precious moments due to hearing loss. We know our hearing aid technology and dedicated hearing professional specialists can make a huge difference for you or a loved one as well. To get started with a free consultation simply find the nearest provider to you on our website locator.

Don’t Let Hearing Loss Spook You

Far too often we learn about individuals that had put off seeking care for their NuEar October 16hearing loss difficulties for several years. The biggest reason that most share for this delay is fear of admitting to having an impairment and signs of old age. Yet, both couldn’t be further from the truth. This Halloween season we want to clear the air about those misconceptions and help those in need of hearing care to no longer be spooked about seeking treatment.

According to the Better Hearing Institute, nearly 40 million Americans, of all ages, are living with hearing loss. That’s a significant percentage of the total population! If you or a loved one are one of those 40 million you are not alone and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, hearing loss should be viewed in the same frame as vision loss, no pun intended. Losing one’s eyesight is a normal part of the aging process for many and occurs slowly over time.

Additionally, the myth and perception of using hearing aid technology as an admission of old age has been long dispelled. Today’s hearing aid technology is highly sophisticated in it’s ability to allow users to hear more comfortably in conversations as well as sync their media and mobile devices for direct audio streaming. With these new features most users feel empowered in their active lives and boast of being more tech savvy through the wireless streaming capabilities.

This Halloween, and in the rest of the year, make sure to not let the idea of treating hearing loss spook you. If you or a loved one are encountering symptoms of hearing loss, our nation-wide network of hearing professionals are ready to help through a free consultation.

Hearing Independence Goes Around the World

lowell2At NuEar, helping others reach their own potential for happiness and success through better hearing defines our mission of hearing independence. For our nation-wide network of dedicated hearing professionals and staff, this mission has gone beyond a passion to become our everyday purpose. Yet, did you know that several NuEar affiliates and staff members have been able to share this gift of hearing independence across the globe this year? Below, we spotlight a few of the many efforts made in support of the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s domestic and international hearing missions.

China, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and many more distant destinations have been the landing spot for many NuEar network members this year so far to help in providing thousands in need of the gift of hearing. As you can see in the images above and below, these trips are no vacation. retYet, the countless hours spent each week in caring for and tending to the hearing needs of people at all ages is far more rewarding than a day on the beach. One long-standing supporter of these hearing mission efforts, Ret Templet of California Hearing Aid Center, shared his perspective on his commitment by stating, “It’s an incredible opportunity to reach those in need both locally and internationally to share the gift of hearing to those who couldn’t get it otherwise. It helps us truly appreciate the privilege we have to care for others and help improve their lives”. Pictured left, Ret is one of many NuEar partners that have continuously dedicated his time and resources to partake in several hearing missions.

The NuEar support staff has been able to share in these incredible efforts as well. NuEar Sales Manager, Jason Horowitz, eloquently described his experiences in Ethiopia in a three-part blog series, sharing the range of emotions that went into each patient fitting. Of those he helped hear for the first time he expressed “when a fitting goes exceptionally well you see a person light up like a jolt of electricity shot through their bodies. It starts with the eyes, and travels to their mouths in the form of a smile. Jason1There is no other feeling like it in the world.” As displayed in his photo above, the young boy whom he helped to hear is smiling from ear-to-ear with his new-found ability and hearing independence.

As you can see we believe the concept of hearing independence and the ability for one to pursue their own passions with the help of better hearing is something that all deserve. While our network of NuEar hearing professionals have dedicated themselves to helping as many individuals as possible in the communities they serve, this greater purpose has been able to bring them around the world to share that same compassion with so many in need. If you or a loved one could benefit from better hearing as well don’t hesitate to reach out to one our many dedicated hearing professionals across the country. Simply go to our Professional Locator page and enter your zip code to find the nearest provider to you. We look forward to creating an empowered life through hearing independence for you or a loved one as well!

The Sweet Sounds of Summer

NuEar August 14Ahhh, summertime! No matter how young or old, summer is a season cherished by all. Whether it’s going to the beach, ballpark, bar-b-ques or simply enjoying the weather, there is no shortage of fun to be had this time of year. Yet, have you ever considered how these events may be different without their simple sounds? No birds squawking at the beach, organs at the ballgame and much more.

For many experiencing untreated hearing loss, this is all too much of a reality. The good news is that these sweet sounds of summer can easily be recaptured. The problem is recognizing when it’s time to seek treatment. Rarely do people initially realize that certain sounds are going unheard. Then, when it is recognized by the individual, it takes a while for that person to realize the importance of the sound to the experience, such as bird songs on a sunny day.

When individuals that have recognized their hearing loss decide to take action, the next steps are simple. It all starts with a free hearing consultation by one of our NuEar hearing professionals. At this appointment we determine the extent of hearing loss, if any exists, and identify the common sounds or syllables in speech that may be going unheard. From there a recommended treatment is offered for consideration. For many, this best course of action is the trial of hearing aid technology, which can be personalized to each person’s unique hearing loss needs.

So have you noticed that you are missing certain sounds and not sure if you should do anything about it? If so, the sooner you take action then the sooner you can regain the ability to enjoy the sweet sounds of summer, as well as all seasons, the way they are meant to be heard. To get start, simply submit your zip code on our professional locator page to find a NuEar hearing professional near you. We are happy to help you get the most out of life through better hearing.

When Pigs Flew & NuEar’s Patient-First Approach

NuEar July 17

At NuEar, our nation-wide network of hearing professionals is carefully selected to ensure dedication to our patient-first approach to hearing healthcare. All too often we hear stories about hearing practices aiming to see more patients each week by shortening appointments and omitting post-purchase counseling. We believe, however, this quantity over quality of care is not conducive to helping one get the full benefits of better hearing through hearing aid technology.

One NuEar hearing care provider, Belinda Gonzales of NuSound Hearing in Topeka, KS, proved how holding this patient-focus approach as core value provides success for both the many patients she has helps and her business as a result. A few years back, Belinda decided to leave her hearing specialist position to start her own hearing practice, driven by her agenda for greater emphasis on patient care and counseling. Unfortunately, in hearing of Belinda’s ambition and the different approach to hearing care that she wished to employ, many in her life didn’t offer much encouragement. Rather, in knowing the challenges of running a business, several in her world cynically remarked that she would be successful “When pigs fly!” Yet, this skepticism didn’t thwart Belinda’s ambition at all to operate her practice with patient-first values and provide the best hearing outcomes possible.Belinda 1

Over the course of her first year, Belinda stayed true to her values and noticed the extreme delight from each patient that she worked tirelessly to help. As the months passed, she noticed that more people were coming to visit her by referrals from her current patients. At the end of her first year she wanted to recognize the community of delighted patients that have contributed so greatly in her practice’s budding success. To celebrate the anniversary, Belinda and her staff decided to have a bit of harmless fun in honor of the words of discouragement she received by hosting a patient appreciation pig roast event!

As shown in the photo from this event, she celebrated her patients as the primary reason for her practice’s success. Clearly her patient-focused approach to hearing care and providing hearing aid technology proved beneficial to the many individuals enjoying better hearing as a result of her work as well as the success in her business’s growth. This serves as a perfect example for how partnering NuEar hearing practices aim to operate across the United States. We encourage you or anyone you know that may be hesitant to seek hearing care to take advantage of a free hearing consultation at any of our nation-wide network of locations. Simply click on this link and enter your zip code in to find a provider nearest to you. We look forward to hearing your better hearing success story!

Wireless Hearing Technology Explained

NuEar June 26

Lately there has been an increasing amount of buzz around wireless hearing aid technology,  yet not everyone truly understands how this feature works and what benefits it can provide. Also, we are often asked how wireless compares to WiFi and if those two features work together with hearing aid technology. In this blog, we hope to clear the confusion so that all of those who could benefit from hearing aid technology are able to do so.

Simply put, wireless hearing aid technology is all about connectivity. This connectivity comes by audio streaming with cell phone calls, music players, TV or video and more. With the advent of today’s on-the-go devices and technology, our hearing aid technology is fully capable to keep up. In particular, our NuEar iSDS technology can connect directly to our TruLink™ hearing control app on many smartphones to allow for direct audio streaming through those devices as well as the ability to make self-adjustments and program memory TruLink Samsungsettings in the hearing aids.

So how does this connectivity work? Unlike other technologies, wireless hearing aid technology does not depend on a WiFi connection. Instead, the audio streaming connectivity occurs through a Bluetooth transmission between paired devices and the hearing aids. For many, this paired device has become their smartphone, if applicable, but also our intermediary devices of the Surflink Media and Surflink Mobile provide a tremendous amount of benefit as well.

Whether you have an active and on-the-go lifestyle or prefer to spend time lounging at home, there are many ways that wireless hearing aid technology can benefit your enjoyment in hearing. The audio streaming connectivity is a highly sophisticated but simple to use feature for our hearing aid technology wearers to utilize. To learn more, request your free in-office demonstration and hearing consultation at any of our hearing professional partners across the country through our Find A Professional locator page.

NuEar’s New Approach to ‘Normal’ Hearing

shutterstock_84098341Losing any of your senses is not an exciting realization to encounter and we understand. Whether it’s losing your hearing or vision, it can be rather costly to restore daily functioning of either sense. For hearing loss, the month of May marks a special time of the year as the journey to better hearing is celebrated in Better Hearing Month. Yet, while this is a very worthy celebration, it doesn’t build awareness for one of the biggest reasons more individuals choose not to address their hearing loss symptoms in a timely fashion. This reason is the embarrassment or shame associated with not having ‘normal’ hearing often felt by millions of Americans – nearly 40 million – who report hearing loss difficulties but have not actively sought a solution. In fact, one of the most powerful statistics from the Better Hearing Institute is that 65% of those under 65 years old are encountering some degree of hearing loss. As you can see from these astonishing statistics, there is nothing shutterstock_94069384abnormal about having hearing loss in our lives.

At NuEar, the objective of our nation-wide network of hearing professionals is to help remove this stigma around hearing loss that is preventing so many from accepting the condition and taking simple actions to seek a solution. For those who had a hearing screening or evaluation and were told their results fall below the range of normal hearing, we want to help present that information to you in a more positive light. Rather than implying your hearing loss symptoms may make you not ‘normal’, we recognize that everyone is susceptible to hearing loss and the good news is there are many easy-to-use solutions available. In fact, the majority of those who have opted for a solution in NuEar hearing aid technology have been delighted by not only the help in gaining better hearing, but also with how it has help make other technology, i.e. iPhone, more exciting with wireless streaming capabilities. See more on this technology here.

Satisfaction evidence in hearing aid technology can be found all over the internet and social media. Many unsolicited patient testimonials can be found on our Facebook page as well as the social media and website content of our partnering hearing care providers. One great example comes from a gentleman cared for by our Milford,OH area partners, Hearing Solutions, who finally accepted his hearing loss after many years and chose to get hearing aid NuEar blogtechnology to help him hear more in conversations with his grandchild. You can read his story to the right. Like many others from this practice, Hearing Solutions has helped convey that hearing loss is normal and simple to treat with hearing technology, just as anyone would readily do for vision loss with contacts, glasses or even Lasik procedures.

If you or someone you know is dealing with any difficulties due to hearing loss, don’t delay taking action any longer. In our aim to debunk the concept that losing your hearing is not ‘normal, we want to convey confidence in those with hearing loss that they are part of the majority and are experience a very common condition. Like any change in our lives, accepting the situation is the biggest hurdle. Hearing loss is no different but the great news is that you are not alone and there are many dedicated NuEar network hearing professionals ready to help with a free consultation. Simply enter your zip code in our professional locator to find the nearest provider to you to get started.

The NuEar Pilgrimage

USMap_50transparentHow many times have you heard of someone moving from the sunny beaches of California to the arctic splendor of Minnesota? Probably not often, but for the NuEar network, that northern migration path has led to many incredible opportunities to become leaders in providing premium hearing aid technology across the country. Learn how NuEar’s humble beginnings have evolved into numerous successes in providing better hearing to thousands of individuals every year.

The NuEar story begins nearly 40 years ago in sunny San Diego as a hearing aid manufacturer. NuEar’s products were gaining traction in the 1980s but didn’t take off until the company was purchased by fellow hearing aid manufacturer, Starkey Laboratories. Based out of the Minneapolis, MN area, Starkey Laboratories, and the company’s CEO William F. Austin, saw the potential to grow successes in providing superior hearing products to a larger portion of the United States. With the acquisition of NuEar came the loyalty of many dedicated hearing professionals. Over time this group of hearing professionals grew rapidly into one of the largest nationwide networks of hearing care professionals in the country!

In the late 2000’s opportunity struck again to relocate NuEar under the same roof as it’s parent company Starkey Hearing Technologies, formerly Starkey Laboratories. This move came with little hesitation as it presented new opportunity to incorporate industry-leading hearing aid technology into patient offerings. This leap forward easily justified the relocation, as it allowed for greater patient outcomes and hearing benefits.

The NuEar pilgrimage, from the southwestern United States to northern, is not at all a backwards move. Rather, it was a forward progression into providing the best possible hearing care to many individuals in need. The NuEar Nework of hearing professionals continues to grow stronger together each year, trading a more tropical annual training destination for greater successes in patient care. That is a trade we would all make every time we would have to choose.

Welcome to Hearing Independence

We believe that hearing is unique and special and that no matter your age, being able to hear should give you the freedom to live life to the fullest! This belief is called Hearing Independence and it guides everything we do at NuEar. It’s not only what our Partners strive to provide to each person who walks through their doors, it’s what makes us different from other hearing healthcare providers.

NuEar providers are in your community and are locally owned and operated. We put others before ourselves, commit to improving every life we touch and aren’t afraid of putting in the hard work needed to make our patients happy. We believe that by helping our fellow community members hear better, we improve their lives AND the community as a whole. Patients who visit one of our offices around the nation leave hearing loss woes behind and see family relationships grow tighter, experience social interactions become smoother, and feel that safety is improved and misunderstandings are minimized.

We know that a community of confident, vibrant and engaged people is one where there is unlimited potential, which is why we’ve started another community, an online community, with the NuEar blog! Join us as we regularly post about various hearing topics including patient testimonials and better hearing insights. In addition, we’ll highlight product technology and advances in patient care programs to demonstrate how we hold ourselves to the highest level of quality. Because at the end of the day, NuEar is built the American way, which means we promise to do whatever it takes to send patients home happy and hearing well. We know the time for Hearing Independence is now, and we know that you’re ready!