New NuEar Hearable and Wearable Solutions

April 2016 Blog Post

We are excited to announce the release of some of our most advanced hearing solutions to date. Powered by the all-new Synergy platform and Acuity™ OS operating system, our launch includes the next generation of Made of iPhone hearing aids, iNOW; a wireless Invisible-In-the-Canal hearing aid, Miniscopic Synergy and a new family of 900sync™ hearing aids – NOW.

NOW, iNOW and Miniscopic Synergy are packed with best-in-class performance features including next-generation feedback cancellation, adaptive noise management and directionality, Surface™ Nanoshield moisture and wax repellent, Multiflex Tinnitus Technology and more.

Synergy Platform and Acuity OS
The new Synergy platform features quad core twin compressor technology and works with Acuity OS to binaurally process, classify and adapt multiple sounds simultaneously, so that speech is crisp, ambient sound is natural and music is rich and immersive. Synergy features five times the processing power of previous platforms, an expanded dynamic range and channel processing with up to 24 channel adjustment.

Synergy also features a unique music prescription with input from both professional musicians and current hearing aid wearers. Designed to accommodate music’s dynamic acoustics and spectral characteristics, these new features ensure musical listening is clear, crisp and enjoyable.

iNOW Made for iPhone
Powered by TruLink™ 2.4 GHz wireless hearing technology, iNOW Made for iPhone hearing aids enable connectivity with iPhone, iPad®, iPod touch®, Apple Watch®, and select Android™ devices, providing ultra high-definition audio experiences and allowing patients stay connected to the people and things they love most.

iNOW’s release is accompanied by the latest version of the TruLink Hearing Control app, TruLink 3.0. With TruLink and iNOW hearing aids, patients can wirelessly stream* phone calls, music, media and more, control hearing aid volume and memories, create personalized and geotagged hearing aid memories, adjust sound settings in any environment and locate lost or misplaced iNOW devices. Additionally, two features are new to TruLink Hearing Control 3.0:

  • NEW Tinnitus Treatment: Integrated controls allow users to control the volume and modulation rate of the Multiflex Tinnitus Technology.
  • NEW Real-Time Notifications: Lets users hear email, calendar, message and social notifications directly through their iNOW hearing aids.*

(*Only with Apple® devices)

NOW Hearing Aids
Using the 900sync technology, the Miniscopic Synergy Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) hearing aids provide patients with wireless connectivity through their phone or any other Bluetooth™ device.

NOW is a full line of hearing aids that offers an ultra high-definition audio experience and Surflink connectivity. Providing patients with the most natural and coordinated hearing experience yet, NOW also offers custom and standard styles.

Offering our patients the best possible hearing technology is our goal, and we are hopeful that with the variety of new products, that anyone with hearing loss will find something right for their lifestyle and hearing needs. Contact us today for a FREE demonstration of these exciting new products.

The Sweet Sounds of Summer

NuEar August 14Ahhh, summertime! No matter how young or old, summer is a season cherished by all. Whether it’s going to the beach, ballpark, bar-b-ques or simply enjoying the weather, there is no shortage of fun to be had this time of year. Yet, have you ever considered how these events may be different without their simple sounds? No birds squawking at the beach, organs at the ballgame and much more.

For many experiencing untreated hearing loss, this is all too much of a reality. The good news is that these sweet sounds of summer can easily be recaptured. The problem is recognizing when it’s time to seek treatment. Rarely do people initially realize that certain sounds are going unheard. Then, when it is recognized by the individual, it takes a while for that person to realize the importance of the sound to the experience, such as bird songs on a sunny day.

When individuals that have recognized their hearing loss decide to take action, the next steps are simple. It all starts with a free hearing consultation by one of our NuEar hearing professionals. At this appointment we determine the extent of hearing loss, if any exists, and identify the common sounds or syllables in speech that may be going unheard. From there a recommended treatment is offered for consideration. For many, this best course of action is the trial of hearing aid technology, which can be personalized to each person’s unique hearing loss needs.

So have you noticed that you are missing certain sounds and not sure if you should do anything about it? If so, the sooner you take action then the sooner you can regain the ability to enjoy the sweet sounds of summer, as well as all seasons, the way they are meant to be heard. To get start, simply submit your zip code on our professional locator page to find a NuEar hearing professional near you. We are happy to help you get the most out of life through better hearing.

Wireless Hearing Technology Explained

NuEar June 26

Lately there has been an increasing amount of buzz around wireless hearing aid technology,  yet not everyone truly understands how this feature works and what benefits it can provide. Also, we are often asked how wireless compares to WiFi and if those two features work together with hearing aid technology. In this blog, we hope to clear the confusion so that all of those who could benefit from hearing aid technology are able to do so.

Simply put, wireless hearing aid technology is all about connectivity. This connectivity comes by audio streaming with cell phone calls, music players, TV or video and more. With the advent of today’s on-the-go devices and technology, our hearing aid technology is fully capable to keep up. In particular, our NuEar iSDS technology can connect directly to our TruLink™ hearing control app on many smartphones to allow for direct audio streaming through those devices as well as the ability to make self-adjustments and program memory TruLink Samsungsettings in the hearing aids.

So how does this connectivity work? Unlike other technologies, wireless hearing aid technology does not depend on a WiFi connection. Instead, the audio streaming connectivity occurs through a Bluetooth transmission between paired devices and the hearing aids. For many, this paired device has become their smartphone, if applicable, but also our intermediary devices of the Surflink Media and Surflink Mobile provide a tremendous amount of benefit as well.

Whether you have an active and on-the-go lifestyle or prefer to spend time lounging at home, there are many ways that wireless hearing aid technology can benefit your enjoyment in hearing. The audio streaming connectivity is a highly sophisticated but simple to use feature for our hearing aid technology wearers to utilize. To learn more, request your free in-office demonstration and hearing consultation at any of our hearing professional partners across the country through our Find A Professional locator page.