Ear Wax? Moisture? Don’t Sweat it – You’re Protected!

Don't sweat over water or wax

If you have ever worn hearing aids before, you know that exposure to moisture, wax, oil or perspiration can result in poor functionality in the hearing aids. We’re excited to say that those days of being worried about moisture and wax are over! Our new improved moisture repellent system now protects your hearing aids to ensure durability and dependability.

Surface™ NanoShield technology enables hearing aids to block out moisture and allows you to continue your everyday life without constantly worrying. But what can happen if your hearing aids are exposed to moisture, and how can you protect them?


If a hearing aid gets wet, the following can occur:

  • Performance malfunctions and physical corrosion
  • Sounds may be blocked from entering the microphones, thereby reducing the volume of the hearing aid
  • Obstruction of airflow, which compromises the function of the batteries


How to protect your hearing aids

Although your Surface™ NanoShield can help block moisture and oil, it’s not a waterproof guarantee. Here are a few simple ways to protect your hearing aids from water:

  • Use hearing aid storage cases
  • Remove hearing aids when showering, swimming or interacting with water
  • Invest in a hearing aid dryer


The Bottom Line:

Surface™ NanoShield helps protect your hearing aids, so you, literally, don’t have to sweat the small stuff.


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