The NuEar Pilgrimage

USMap_50transparentHow many times have you heard of someone moving from the sunny beaches of California to the arctic splendor of Minnesota? Probably not often, but for the NuEar network, that northern migration path has led to many incredible opportunities to become leaders in providing premium hearing aid technology across the country. Learn how NuEar’s humble beginnings have evolved into numerous successes in providing better hearing to thousands of individuals every year.

The NuEar story begins nearly 40 years ago in sunny San Diego as a hearing aid manufacturer. NuEar’s products were gaining traction in the 1980s but didn’t take off until the company was purchased by fellow hearing aid manufacturer, Starkey Laboratories. Based out of the Minneapolis, MN area, Starkey Laboratories, and the company’s CEO William F. Austin, saw the potential to grow successes in providing superior hearing products to a larger portion of the United States. With the acquisition of NuEar came the loyalty of many dedicated hearing professionals. Over time this group of hearing professionals grew rapidly into one of the largest nationwide networks of hearing care professionals in the country!

In the late 2000’s opportunity struck again to relocate NuEar under the same roof as it’s parent company Starkey Hearing Technologies, formerly Starkey Laboratories. This move came with little hesitation as it presented new opportunity to incorporate industry-leading hearing aid technology into patient offerings. This leap forward easily justified the relocation, as it allowed for greater patient outcomes and hearing benefits.

The NuEar pilgrimage, from the southwestern United States to northern, is not at all a backwards move. Rather, it was a forward progression into providing the best possible hearing care to many individuals in need. The NuEar Nework of hearing professionals continues to grow stronger together each year, trading a more tropical annual training destination for greater successes in patient care. That is a trade we would all make every time we would have to choose.